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Measuring Guide

How to pick your perfect fitting gate

Gate Width

Please Note: All of our gates are designed to be fitted between walls/posts so are smaller than the opening size to allow for fittings.

  1. To find your 'opening size' you must first measure between the inner face of one pillar/post to the other using a steel tape. Be sure to do this at the top of where you would like to fit your gate, and the bottom, to be sure the distances are even.
  2. If the distances are not even, the smaller measurement will be used to pick your gate size.
  3. Also be careful of obstructions that may get in the way of the gate when fitted.
Measure a gate

Frame Height

Please Note:

  • For gates with shepherds crooks the frame height is measured from the base of the gate to the top of the shepherds crook.
  • For gates with a scroll top design. the gate height is measured from the base of the gate to the highest point of the scroll.
  1. For the best fitting gate height, Firstly, measure from the ground to the under side of the pillar or top of the wall.
  2. Secondly, take away two inches from the measurement for ground clearance and take away 1 inch for clearance of the pillar.

Example: If your measurement from the ground to the underside of the pillar is 39inches, remove 3 inches from the measurement to get your perfect gate height of 36 inches (3ft)

Measure a gate

Your Gate Size

The diagram shows your finished gate.

If you need further assistance in determining your gate size, don't hesitate to contact us via our contact page, our helpline 0191 5369596, or via live chat at the bottom right of the screen.

Measure a gate

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